Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Run As One for FCAHT

Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking is teaming up with the World Run Day event on November 8, 2009 to raise money for their organization. Donations will help pay for services for victims and for increasing awareness of human trafficking issues through training and education.

This annual event asks runners worldwide to run any distance (1 mile, 5K, 10K, Marathon, etc.) and make a charity donation directly to their favorite charity. This year make your charity donation to FCAHT and support the effort to end sex and labor trafficking. Human trafficking involves the coercion or force of people-mainly women and children-into sex and labor exploitation & slavery. This horrific crime exploits the most vulnerable individuals in our society. FCAHT works tirelessly to increase awareness of this crime and provide community training, outreach and most importantly, critical services to victims. Your donation helps with emergency assistance and basic needs like food, shelter, and medical services for victims and allows FCAHT to continue increasing awareness through public education on the subject of human trafficking.

I am organizing Run As One for FCAHT and actively participating too! If you want to join our group of runners supporting FCAHT for an informal 5K run on Sunday morning at 9:00 am, meet us at Fort Myers Beach, FL. Email at shellie@advancingnonprofits.com if you have any questions. Remember, you can run anywhere in the world and be a part of this event, simply make your donation on behalf of Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking and start training. You can also simply support the FCAHT runners by making a donation on their behalf! Make donations by using the widget on this page or check out the FCAHT Firstgiving page. Learn more about World Run Day at www.runday.com.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Support Born2Fly International

A fundraiser is going on right now to provide the final funding needed for educational materials that will be delivered around the world to schools, parents, children, and others that will assist the prevention of child sex trafficking. A one day fundraiser for Born2Fly International on 09-09-09 asks 9000 people to give $9 towards this effort. These donations will allow the final product to be completed and distributed around the world. The event's coordinator, Diana Scimone has been revealing fantastic prizes each day on her blog leading up to the event that all individuals who donate prior to 09-09-09 or on this day will be eligible to win. Simply click on the widget on this page to donate or check out the 09-09-09 fundraising site for more information.

Born2Fly International is a nonprofit organization that is determined to stop child trafficking. The organization has taken a unique approach to combating this horrific problem by creating educational materials for teachers, parents, and children around the world about the dangers of human trafficking and about how children and families can make wise choices to prevent being lured into dangerous situations by predators. One aspect of the project is a wordless book that doesn't have to be translated into several different languages but can be used with a companion curriculum to be distributed to NGOs, schools, and other community organizations worldwide.

Diana Scimone is the Founder and Director of Born2Fly. Diana is a journalist who has traveled to more than 4o countries around the world and created Born2Fly as a response to some of the most critical needs she saw affecting the world's children in places like Sudan, China, Zimbabwe and others. Support Born2Fly's efforts on 09-09-09 with $9 (or more) and be a part of something big. Be a part of a movement to build a safer world for children by giving them access to safety education in an effort to prevent one more child from victimization by a human trafficking predator.