Monday, April 26, 2010


So, here I am six months from my last post and the changes have been enormous in my life. As I talk to the people around me, I feel like this seems to be a time of change for many. I have relocated to the Houston, Texas area and after a few weeks of settling in, I am now re-focusing and back at my blog. I am excited about the many opportunities that Houston provides. It is also comforting that in this era of communicating and working remotely, I still have many connections with my Florida colleagues and friends. I'm looking forward to extending networks and broadening connections between organizations, causes and friendships.

One organization still working to bring together like-minded forces around the world to create art and empower us all created this video during a trip to Haiti . View Bee Gaia/Outside the Box's video and if you are interested in becoming involved in a project directly affecting children and families who were devastated by the recent Hurricane, they welcome donations of goods like: art materials including glue, paintings, crayons to be used in art programs being provided to orphanages in the area. My daughters recently donated teddy bears that you see in this trip. Other items such as soap, antibacterial deoderant soap, mouth wash, combs, shampoo, clear eyes drops, hats,umbrellas ponchos, vitamin C, clothes and shoes are needed and can be mailed to:

Bee Gaia/Outside the Box
1610 Trade Center Way
Suite #4, Naples, FL 34109

or call (239) 272-6152 and ask for Lulu for more information . By communicating through technology, we get the benefit of connecting with a variety of others from around the world and growing a network that is stronger together than apart.